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Open Problems for Robots in Surgery and Healthcare

Online Mini-Symposium, Free and open to the public.Tues 19 May, 2020, 9:30-1:30pm PT, via Zoom All videos are now online ! The COVID-19 pandemic is increasing global demand for robots that can assist in surgery and healthcare. This symposium focuses on recent advances and open problems in robot-assisted tele-surgery and tele-medicine and needs for new research and development. […]

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SLAM and Spatial AI

You can watch this seminar here at 1PM EST (10AM PST) on May 15th.  Andrew Davison (Imperial College London) Abstract: To enable the next generation of smart robots and devices which can truly interact with their environments, Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) will progressively develop into a general real-time geometric and semantic `Spatial AI’ perception capability. I […]

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