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Silicon Valley Bank: The Future of Robotics

The automation of production through three industrial revolutions has increased global output exponentially. Now, with machines increasingly aware and interconnected, Industry 4.0 is upon us. Leading the charge are fleets of autonomous robots. Built by major multinationals and increasingly by innovative VC-backed companies, these robots have already become established participants in many areas of the […]

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Emerging Trends in Retail Robotics

Robots are increasingly being deployed in retail environments.1 The reasons for this include: to relieve staff from the performance of repetitive and mundane tasks; to reallocate staff to more valueadded, customer-facing activities; to realize operational improvements; and, to utilize real-time instore generated data. Due to the impact of the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak, we can now […]

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The Future of Work

Emerging tech today is not only creating new possibilities for how people and jobs and each other more seamlessly, they are also enabling new ways of working together. These advancements in technologies will require new skills and capabilities for workers to excel in the 2030 work environment. A report from The Institute For the Future […]

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WEF Fourth Industrial Revolution Beacons of Technology and Innovation in Manufacturing

Fourth Industrial Revolution Beacons of Technology and Innovation in Manufacturing from the World Economic Forum The Fourth Industrial Revolution in manufacturing remains a top priority for many leaders of private and public organizations. It is having an enormous disruptive impact on value chains, industries and business models. With one-third of the total economic value of […]

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IEEE – Ethically Aligned Design Overview

Ethically Aligned Design: A Vision for Prioritizing Human Wellbeing with Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems represents the collective input of over one hundred global thought leaders from academia, science, government and corporate sectors in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, ethics, philosophy, and policy.

Details on how to submit comments and feedback regarding Version 1 of the Ethically Aligned Design (EAD) can be found via the Submission Guidelines.

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