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Job Description
Catalia Health ships robots running custom software to our patients. We are looking for an individual in or near San Francisco who is interested in helping to provision and ship these devices to our patients.

This is a part-time position and will take 5-10 hours a week. After initial training, this can be completely up to your schedule as long as each device is shipped out by the end of the business day after you are notified.


Uploading custom firmware and software to a robotic platform running a modified Android OS
Using a software dashboard to load patient data onto the robotic platform
Mechanical/electrical troubleshooting and repair of the robotic platform (mechanism testing, broken part identification, etc.)
Packaging, shipping, and ensuring that different patients receive the correct documentation
Documenting the whole process in Google Sheets and Google Forms

Skills required:

Experience with Microsoft Office and/or Google Suite
Experience with electromechanical systems (hobbyist/maker level or higher)
Experience using CLIs (command line interfaces)
Good communication and writing skills
Attentiveness to details
Shipping, handling, and packaging experience

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