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We are looking for passionate individuals to contribute to our R&D projects in the areas of physical human-robot interaction, multi-robot coordination and haptic teleoperation. You will work with a multi-disciplinary teams in US Silicon Valley, Singapore and Shanghai to define our next-generation robotic software/hardware platforms.

Day To Day Activities
1. R&D in the areas of force/impedance controls, reactive multi-robot motion planning and human-robot collaboration.

2. Design, maintain, implement and test new controls and planning algorithms efficiently in modern C++ and Python.

3. Design methods and metrics to evaluate algorithm’s effectiveness, propose improvements and deploying them in our product.

4. Architect, own and evangelize software and hardware solutions to solve various robotic automation systems.

5. Collaborate with other roboticists, computer vision scientists and mechanical engineers to integrate cutting-edge algorithms into our robotic platforms

6. Participate in collaborative research projects with universities, publish research outputs and bring in new theoretical perspectives to the team

1. Ph. D. or highly qualified M. S. candidate in computer science, robotics, engineering or related field.

2. Must have 3+ years of relevant research/work experience of at least two of the following concepts: a) Haptics & teleoperation, b) Robotic manipulation, c) Optimization-based control, d) Robot motion planning and trajectory optimization algorithms and e) Multi-robot coordinated control

3. Highly proficient in software engineering using C++ & Python.

4. Good software development experience, including documentation, unit testing and version control.

5. Experienced in Git, CMake and other relevant software engineering tools.

6. Ability to excel in a high-energy team and excellent communication skills are required.

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