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Tackle some of the toughest problems in a rapidly growing industry with a team of world-class professionals. We work smart, leveraging open source and the latest algorithms, research, and techniques. We are creating a culture of freedom & responsibility, radical transparency, and candid feedback. Join us on our mission to bring robotic arm capabilities beyond factories and into the hardest applications, including outer space!

As a machine learning perception scientist at PickNik Robotics, you will determine where state-of-the-art perception research can be applied to solve a variety of our hardest robotics problems and identify opportunities for innovation. You will be designing and developing perception solutions for our products, our customers, and our flagship open source project MoveIt. Duties will include developing sophisticated software in a variety of languages and platforms that will be used on robots around the world (and in outer space!). You help advance the state of the art in machine learning for robotics beyond perception to other areas such as simulation, grasping, and manipulation planning.

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