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Accelerate your robotics development

As a Perception Scientist at PickNik Robotics, you will determine where state of the art robotics research can be applied to solve our client’s problems and identify opportunities for innovation. You will be developing ROS software applications, optimizing advanced algorithms, and integrating solutions for our clients, internal products, and flagship open source projects. Duties will include developing sophisticated software in a variety of languages and platforms that will be used on robots around the world (and in outer space!).

Am I a good fit?
You love robotics and have a passion for creating the next generation of robot software
Are excited to be part of a team of experts with a steady flow of client projects
Should work efficiently, be ready to learn, and have great attention to detail
Desire to contribute to open source projects solving big problems
Ability to collaborate with teams around the world


PhD in Robotics, Computer Science, or a related robotics-focused field or at least three (3) years of industry experience
Strong C++ experience and familiarity with at least one scripting language, preferably MATLAB or Python
Theoretical understanding of SLAM, visual odometry, sensor fusion, and state estimation
Experience with deploying SLAM algorithms on hardware platforms
ROS knowledge and experience with ROS hardware integration, including camera calibration
Proven track record of innovation in applying algorithms and advancing robotics
Be able to travel approximately every other month to client sites & conferences. Less than 20% of the time.
If remote, ability to visit Boulder office at most 4 times per year (not applicable during COVID)

Some Preferred Skills/Experience
ROS robot_localization, ROS SLAM libraries (Cartographer, RTAB-Map, ORB-SLAM, etc.), Gazebo, PCL, OpenCV, or other robotic libraries are advantageous
Common open source libraries and tools such as Eigen and Boost

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