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Remedy Robotics

We’re looking for an experienced robotics designer who is excited by the challenge of designing a new and unique surgical robot from the ground up. We’re looking for a creative engineer who is comfortable rapidly iterating on designs that can satisfy constraints across multiple disciplines. The output of the next 18 months of work will be a novel robot ready for a first in human clinical trial.

The ideal candidate:
– Will have at least 5 years of experience designing and prototyping electromechanical systems.
– Has some experience in medical or other highly regulated spaces is preferred.
– Wants to get their hands dirty- You’ll have plenty of room to ideate, prototype, build and break.
– Wants to ‘own’ hardware in our company and would be comfortable building and leading a team.
– Shares our vision and wants to use robotics to have a positive impact on people.

The primary tools at your disposal will be Solidworks, a 3D printer, access to machine shops, and a team of medical and robotics experts. Work will be as remote as possible. The surgical lab for development is based in Venice, CA.

Company Summary:
Large vessel occlusion stroke is the most significant cause of adult disability in the world. It affects 270,000 people/year and costs insurers $25 billion/year in the US alone. The only two factors proven to drastically improve post stroke outcome are access to a procedure called Mechanical thrombectomy (MT) and the time it takes patients to access this procedure.

Despite the fact that the facilities required to perform MT are available in over 50% of US hospitals, due to a lack of specialist expertise, MT is only offered in 2% of US hospitals. This means that for patients who present to one of the 98% of hospitals that do not offer MT, treatment is either significantly delayed or not offered at all because timely transfer is deemed infeasible.

We’re building the robot to enable remote and autonomous navigation through blood vessels to be able to treat conditions like stroke (and other vascular emergencies). These conditions are highly time critical and there is a lack of access to specialists who are able to treat them, which is why an autonomous system will make such a difference. Endovascular treatment is also quite unlike other surgery, which makes this ambition actually technically feasible.

The implementation of this system across the 2500+ US angio labs currently without access to a Neurointerventionalist would enable > 85% of the US population to access MT within one hour (this is currently < 10%). Our mission is to radically improve patient outcomes for time critical vascular emergencies. Stroke is our first target.

To apply for this job email your details to david@remedyrobotics.com