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Lifesaving deliveries by drone

Do you love tinkering with mechanical and electrical devices and watching your code come to life? Does writing safety-critical low-level software intrigue you? Do you see your projects through from start to finish, regardless of what you’re working on?

Zipline is looking for interns to join our Embedded Systems team to create and improve upon a reliable software platform for our autonomous aircraft and ground systems. As a member of the team, you will go deep in your area of ownership, becoming an expert in the problem domain, defining requirements for systems, rapidly developing creative and simple solutions, and proving with testing and data that the system meets the rigors and edge-cases of real-world deployment. Embedded Systems engineers at Zipline also contribute beyond their field–reviewing schematics, building user interfaces, designing hardware in the loop test systems, and more.

Zipline designs and operates the world’s largest drone delivery service providing access to critical medical supplies. Leading the way in drone delivery often means exceeding the capabilities of what’s available off the shelf, and as a result we are engineering the majority of our system in-house. Doubling down on the reliability of our systems and inventing new robots is a critical path to delivering to our next billion customers–people whose lives will be meaningfully affected by smarter, more equitable access!

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