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Robots, AI and Technology fighting COVID-19
We have an ongoing list of robotics and technology companies providing resources or volunteering to assist first responders and health organizations on the front line of the COVID-19 crisis. We also host a weekly public discussion on robots and technology for good, and how to get involved. See below for more information.
Online Robotics Job Fair
Our new monthly Online Robotics Job Fair will be replacing Bots&Beer on the third Wednesday of the month from May 20 onwards. Submit your resume now and sign up to talk to robotics employers. Or if you have vacant positions - sign up for a speaking slot.
Open Problems for Robots in Surgery and Healthcare
This 4 hour symposium focuses on recent advances and open problems in robot-assisted tele-surgery and tele-medicine and needs for new research and development. Speakers include Gary Guthart, CEO of Intuitive Surgical, Allison Okamura of Stanford, Tom Low, Director of Robotics at SRI International, Robin Murphy, Director of Robots for Infectious Diseases and many more.

Open Problems for Robots in Surgery and Healthcare

Online Mini-Symposium, Free and open to the public.Tues 19 May, 2020, 9:30-1:30pm PT, via Zoom All videos are now online ! The COVID-19 pandemic is increasing global demand for robots that can assist in surgery and healthcare. This symposium focuses on recent advances and open problems in robot-assisted tele-surgery and tele-medicine and needs for new research and development. The online format will encourage active…

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Open Problems for Robots in Surgery and Healthcare
Where are the robots when you need them!

Where are the robots when you need them!

That's a question we're trying to answer in our weekly discussions about 'COVID-19, robots and us', but it was repeated with urgency by Rachel 'McCrafty' Sadd. Rachel has been building systems and automation for COVID mask making, as the founder of Project Mask Making and #distillmyheart projects in the SF Bay Area, an artist and also as Executive Director of…

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Can robots make food service safer for workers?

Health care workers are not the only unwilling essential services frontline workers at increased risk of COVID-19. According to the Washington Post on April 12, "At least 41 grocery workers have died of the coronavirus and thousands more have tested positive in recent weeks". At the same time, grocery stores are seeing a surge in demand and are currently hiring.…

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Can robots make food service safer for workers?
Robots providing social support while we’re social distancing

Robots providing social support while we’re social distancing

Wired Magazine recently called for us to, post pandemic, "ditch our tech enabled tools of social distancing". But are our telepresence robots creating emotional distancing or are they actually improving our emotional lives. This week in our weekly "COVID-19, robots and us" discussion with experts, we're looking at the topic of virtual presence and emotional contact as well as many…

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Silicon Valley Robotics is the largest cluster of robotics and AI technology innovation and investment in the world. We are a non-profit organization started by the robotics and AI industry to support the emerging new robotics and AI industry, including agricultural, medical, social, retail, logistical, transport and space robotics networks.

Become a member of our organization! Membership is open to robotics startups and also global partners. We host online networking events, online mentor office hours, investor demo days. You can also join our coworking space Co-Lab in Oakland or just sign up for newsletters to learn more about us.

Online Robotics Job Fair

Bots&Beer Online

What Our Members Say

“ Silicon Valley Robotics is an opportunity to showcase some of the most innovative robotics in the world. ”
Rich Mahoney
CEO and Founder at Seismic
“ Every startup needs access to a resource like Silicon Valley Robotics to help fundraise and grow. ”
Melonee Wise
CEO at Fetch Robotics
“ Silicon Valley Robotics has the best network events in the Bay Area and the most up-to-date information about trends in robotics. ”
John Dulchinos
Vice President, Global Automation and 3D Printing at Jabil Circuit

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We support Women In Robotics organization!

Women in Robotics is the professional network for women who work in robotics, or women who aspire to work in robotics. We have local events and a global community. Local events include; Bay Area, Boulder, Brisbane, Bristol, Toronto, Zurich and at many robotics and AI conferences.

Silicon Valley Robotics Programs

What is a robot? Fast facts!

A series of factsheets outlining the basic facts and falsehoods about robotics, AI, jobs and social impact.

Speakers & Mentors

World's leading experts in areas of robotics, AI, innovation, product management and design.

Indepth Networks

Join our indepth topic networks to partner with leading startups and major companies in each area. Construction Robotics Forum Launch Jan 30 2019.

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Connection to our CoLab, all the latest startup competitions, accelerators, demo days and expos.

Reports & Downloads

The latest reports and whitepapers across the fields of robotics, AI, their roadmaps and implementations.

Good Robot Design Guidelines

How to build an ethically aligned robot – a set of guidelines from international expert workshops.


We have a global robotics cluster network connecting robotics and AI hubs all over the world.

Our next cluster meeting is October in Korea

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You know robotics has ‘made it’ when Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) is reporting on it. Just five years ago, SVB barely had a hardware division, ...
ICRA is the largest robotics meeting in the world and is the flagship conference of the IEEE Robotics & Automation Society. It is thus our honor and ...
Robots are increasingly being deployed in retail environments. The reasons for this include: to relieve staff from the performance of repetitive and mundane tasks; to ...
Online Mini-Symposium, Free and open to the public.Tues 19 May, 2020, 9:30-1:30pm PT, via Zoom All videos are now online ! The COVID-19 pandemic is ...
You can watch this seminar here at 1PM EST (10AM PST) on May 15th.  Andrew Davison (Imperial College London) Abstract: To enable the next generation of smart ...
Vote for Audience Choice Award of best vision startup! On May 15 2020, these 12 semifinalist startups will be further narrowed down to five finalists ...

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