Jobs in robotics?

Silicon Valley Robotics is looking for a Bots&Beer Organizer!

This is a volunteer position that requires a monthly evening (Pacific Time) zoom on the first Wednesdays of every month, and from 2022 we'll likely restart the robot company open house.

Are you looking for an excuse to meet interesting people in robotics?

Join me Wed Dec 1st at 7pm

#robotics #people #awesomeness

Volunteer with Silicon Valley Robotics

Looking for a summer internship (unpaid) or able to offer your expertise occasionally? Silicon Valley Robotics has several opportunities for volunteers, both in person or online. Time commitment and deadlines vary depending on the task and your/our timeline. These are great networking opportunities, good for your resume, possibly even useful for course credits PLUS you're helping grow the robotics ecosystem and robotics education.

If you can offer 10 hrs a week for a 10 week period then I can offer you a desk at Circuit Launch!

Interested in a job in robotics?

Many companies are hiring! Join our monthly online job fair and submit your resume to our member robotics companies, like: Fetch Robotics,  SRI International,  Embark Trucks,  Softbank Robotics,  X (ex Google) and Cruise. In fact here's a link to a spreadsheet with the job pages of all these companies and a listing below of all the companies with current positions on our site!

If you're submitting a job, then you might also like to present at our monthly Online Robotics Job Fair, held on the third Wednesdays. Email for more information OR email us if your job doesn't show within 24-48 hours of posting it. (All posts have to be approved before they appear.)

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      Submit your resume to Silicon Valley Robotics members!

      Whether your skills are software, hardware, product or project management, marketing, operations, sales or statistics, we'd like to hear from you! Do you need to update your resume? We only show the most recent (approx 3 months) worth of resumes to companies, but no problems if you updated your resume more recently than that! Every month, after the Job Fair we remove duplicates and check for filtered companies before sharing with the companies that presented or requested the database.