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Silicon Valley Robotics is looking for a Bots&Beer Organizer! 

Are you looking for an excuse to meet interesting people in robotics? This is a volunteer position that requires attending the monthly evening in person company open house events on the first Wednesdays of every month.

IEEE Robotics and Automation Society is looking for an event coordinator or local chapter volunteers! 

Similar to SVR, this is a volunteer role with many interesting opportunities – ideal if you're interested in keeping informed of the latest robotics research and meeting robotics companies moving research forward.

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Panel discussion with experienced roboticists

HR reps from robotics companies hiring

Build-it to Learn-it with mechlabs

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Submit your resume to our resume databank (below) to be shared with robotics companies, like: Fetch Robotics,  SRI International and Cruise. Whether your skills are software, hardware, product or project management, marketing, operations, sales or statistics, robotics companies are hiring!

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