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Join Silicon Valley Robotics, the non-profit industry group supporting innovation and commercialization of robotics technologies and be part of the largest, most active robotics cluster in the world. We have membership levels and benefits for local robotics companies, OR individuals, affiliated industries and global robotics partners.


Download our .pdf for more information about membership and our cowork spaces.

INDIVIDUALS can receive early invitations, discount or free tickets to some of our great networking events. Easy sign up! Just subscribe to our “event package” each year.

As well as attending networking events, COMPANY membership includes directory listings, job fairs, investor forums and demo days. COMPANIES can be either a local robotics technology company eligible for FULL SVR MEMBERSHIP or an affiliated company eligible for GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP.

  • Are you a locally based robotics technology company, or have an office in Bay Area? You are eligible to be an SVR MEMBER, which allows you to nominate directors for Silicon Valley Robotics board.
  • Are you located outside of California? Are you an affiliated technology? You may be eligible to join us as a GLOBAL PARTNER, with many of the same benefits as a FULL SVR MEMBER.