The next Big Robot Block Party is April 8 2023!

Thank you for a wonderful April 2 2022 Robot Block Party! 

We'll be doing it again on Saturday April 8 2023 at Circuit Launch in Oakland to celebrate National Robotics Week! We expect to see lots of robot demos, robot races and robot Tech Talks, a Jobs Fair, community networking and AR/VR zone, as well as amazing Brazilian BBQ, Bliss Pops and the popular Robot Block Party T-Shirts and Masks. 🙂
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2022 Agenda (just to give you an idea of what's coming in 2023):

Acknowledgement of Land

  • Robot Demos (upstairs, downstairs & outside – all day)
    • Play with Spot the robot dog
    • MechLabs Launch
    • See full exhibitor list below
  • 10am-12pm RoboJobs Fair & all day Job Board
  • Robot Races (outside weather permitting all day)
  • 2pm-4pm Autonomous Rover Rally
  • Tech Talks TBD
  • Networking events for Women in Robotics and Black in Robotics
  • RoboCafe, Brazilian BBQ & Bliss Pops

Robots roaming around:

OhmniLabsTM create flexible robotics modules and scalable additive manufacturing processes. Their flagship product, the Ohmni Robot is an award-winning telepresence robot that transforms how people connect, from their homes, businesses, classrooms, to hospitals. You can even visit the Robot Block Party via an Ohmni Robot! @OhmniLabs

Friendly Robots won the DOE ERobot Challenge in 2021. The company is based on the principle of creating sustainability through the automation of maintenance jobs and currently has a commercial grade floor care robot in the market. @friendly_robots

Cartken builds AI powered delivery robots for indoors or outdoors, reducing the labor and environmental costs of current solutions. @gocartken

Ubiquity Robotics Magni is a highly capable robot platform at an affordable cost. Built with a sturdy aluminum chassis, Magni has a substantial payload capability, able to carry upwards of 100 kilos. @UbiquityR

Robots in real world applications:

Boston Dynamics' Spot is the world's most famous robot dog, now being deployed in construction and other areas. You'll program Spot to lift a leg or bust a dance move. @BostonDynamics

Foxglove Dev accelerates your robotics development with Foxglove Studio, an open source visualization & debugging tool. @foxglovedev

SICK/EandM need to buy, build or accessorize a robot? EandM is the SICK representative and automation leader on the West Coast. @EandMonline

Parker Hannifin is the global leader in motion and control technologies, with a new line of inertial sensor technologies to showcase. @ParkerHannifin

Urban Machine salvaging the past to build the future (with robots). Still in stealth but hiring! @urbanmachinebuild

Merklebot is financing the 4th Industrial Revolution. Want robots? Merklebot finances the upfront costs and provides you with Robots-As-A-Service. @MerkleBot

Robots you can make at home:

Mechlabs is where you can learn mechatronics in self-paced hands on or virtual programs building robots like Reachy, the humanoid. @circuitlaunch

DIY Robocars for people who want to make and race DIY autonomous cars of any size from tiny 16th scale to full size @diyrobocars

Roboticists in Residence see various projects from our Roboticists in Residence from Tesla's that make tea, to a scale 3D printed Mars Rover and Eliza Dolls for STEM.

Point1 Seconds meet A1 a mechatronic quadruped and other designs and implementations of limbed robots and humanoids.

HomeBrew Robotics Club is a group enthusiasts interested in the emerging field of robotics, bringing a selection of robot projects to show and tell.

Engineering Chick is a member of HBRC and Cupertinkers and builds 3D printed humanoids and dancing robots for fun.

AI or DIE's MIke Winter builds crazy amazing AI robots, often with daughter Lisa, several times joint winners of Battlebots & Robot Combat League.

Silicon Valley Robotics would like to see a robot in every business by 2030 and it's getting super easy and affordable. Let us show you some examples! @svrobo

The Museum of Social Robots will launch next year at Silicon Valley Robotics and Circuit Launch but you can get a sneak peek today with a working Jibo, Kuri and more robots from the past. Let Robot.MD Joanne Pransky, the world's first Robo-Psychiatrist, show you around as she visits us via robot!

AR/VR Zone:

Explore the latest in interface and interaction technologies in the AR/VR zone with Ethereal Matter and the AR/VR Creators Group.

Ethereal Matter is creating the future of exercise with a multimedia, multisensory and multiplayer platform.

Anina Net is a model/fashion designer/technologist who will be roaming in an OhmniBot to talk about her latest AR and robotics designs, as well as Robociti, a new robotics program for women.

AR/VR Creators Group is for all builders and enthusiasts of immersive technology. We are developers, engineers, designers, artists, and more. 

Tech Talks Timetable tbd:


OR If you volunteer ahead of time or for the day, we'll give you a free t-shirt!