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Silicon Valley is changing. Robotics and AI are in the headlines, funding is increasing, business is booming and people are flocking to join robotics companies. Silicon Valley Robotics keeps growing and improving too. See our latest membership benefits information updated for 2023, our cowork space and our Indepth Networks!

Online Membership/Directory Instructions for Company Members:

  • Using this membership page request a new password using the email account this notice was sent to. You can change all of this information in next steps.
  • Using the temporary password, change your contact information and update profile with additional text, images and links. You can even turn your directory listing off completely.
  • Use the primary contact to update your profile, to update membership information, change membership levels, see your last payments and print receipts.
  • Your profile is public by default, so please remove/add contact information to suit. We suggest using an “info@” as primary contact on shared accounts and adding additional contacts. Additional contacts can be public (for display in the directory), or private (to just receive SVR emails). Additional contacts can’t edit profile or membership information.
  • (no log in needed for professional/individual SVR members as directory entry is not included)

SVR’s online directory is for COMPANY MEMBERSHIP only. INDIVIDUALS can subscribe to our newsletter and receive regular information about the robotics industry and events.