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Join Silicon Valley Robotics to stay ahead of the trends.

Robotics and AI is leaving the research lab and reshaping the 21st century and Silicon Valley is at the epicenter. Support our robotics startup ecosystem by joining the first non-profit industry group formed by robotics and AI companies, research institutions to innovate and commercialize new technologies.

Our initiatives include speaker events, reports and feature series, investor forums, demo days, Women in Robotics, design guidelines, developer workshops and the big Robot Block Party. Our latest initiatives are Indepth Robotics Networks like the Construction Robotics Forum, SVR whitepapers and the Silicon Valley Robotics Industry Awards.

SVR Company and Startup Members come from all over the world but do business in California and their core business is robotics. Here’s our updated Membership Information for 2021-22. If you want the benefits of SVR Membership but don’t meet those criteria, you can become an SVR Global Partner. If you’re an Individual you can now subscribe to our weekly SVR members’ newsletter for only $12/month.

As long as you do business in California, you can become a regular Silicon Valley Robotics member.

Introductory SVR Membership

INTRODUCTORY MEMBERSHIP ($99 for first year) gets you on our mail list for events, invitations and other opportunities. If you want to list your company in the SVR Directory and get all of our company offers, then choose this option. This is a special 'post pandemic' offer and the price of membership will increase to $199 on July 1, then $299 on Oct 1 2021.

If you're an individual (not launching a company), then you can stay in the SVR Members loop by signing up for our $12/month paid newsletter subscription.

Startup SVR Membership

SVR STARTUPS ($300) connects startups with investors via demo days, investor forums, VC office hours, and startup competitions. You can also expo at our events (by invitation).

Company SVR Membership

SVR COMPANY MEMBERSHIP ($600-$5000) connects robotics companies to all the Silicon Valley Robotics network and events, including speaker salons, expos and opportunity to feature in SVR reports. Receive weekly member updates. Expo at events (by invitation), access our Call for Speakers, our Resume databases and job fairs.

SVR Global Partners

SVR GLOBAL PARTNERS ($425-$950) connects consultants, affiliated services, NGOs or international companies to all the Silicon Valley Robotics network and events, including speaker salons, expos, and introductions. Receive weekly updates. Expo at events (by invitation) and access members through our online directory.

SVR Sponsors & Premium Members

SVR PREMIUM MEMBERS and SPONSORS ($5000 – $25,000) receive all the benefits of ALL SVR memberships plus hosting network events and job fairs, featured position on our website and directory, and be invited to SVR advisory board dinners. Lead the robotics/AI revolution!


NO add-ons are included with SVR Introductory Membership, but you can add them when needed.

All other members are automatically included in our CTO Network and Technical Forums, and can add Topic Forums if needed.