SVR Awards 2020

OAKLAND, California, Dec. 14, 2020 — Silicon Valley Robotics, the world’s largest cluster of innovation in robotics, announces the inaugural “Good Robot” industry awards, celebrating the robotics, automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will help us make the world a better place ( These 50 companies and individuals have all contributed to innovation that will improve the quality of our lives, whether it’s weed-free pesticide-free farming, supporting health workers and the elderly manage health care treatment regimes, or reimagining the logistics industry so that the transfer of physical goods becomes as efficient as the transfer of information.

The Innovation, Vision and Commercialization categories represent the stages robotics companies go through, firstly with an innovative technology or product, then with a vision to change the world (and occasionally the investment to match), and finally with real evidence of customer traction. The criteria for our Commercialization Award was achieving a meager $1 million in clear revenue, but that’s a huge milestone for an early stage company building complex hardware.

2020 'Good Robot' Industry Awards

Overall Excellence

  • Fetch Robotics
  • Ambidextrous


  • Eve – Halodi Robotics
  • FHA-C with Integrated Servo Drive – Harmonic Drive
  • FieldPrinter – Dusty Robotics
  • Inception Drive – SRI International
  • nanoScan3 – SICK
  • QRB5 – Qualcomm
  • Stretch – Hello Robot
  • Tensegrity Robots – Squishy Robotics
  • Titan – FarmWise
  • Velabit – Velodyne Lidar Inc


  • Built Robotics
  • Cruise
  • Embark Trucks
  • Formant
  • Iron Ox
  • Matternet
  • Zipline
  • Zoox


  • Agility Robotics
  • Canvas
  • Catalia Health
  • Dishcraft Robotics
  • Haddington Dynamics
  • Multiply Labs
  • OhmniLabs
  • Simbe Robotics
  • Ubiquity Robotics


  • NASA Intelligent Robotics Group
  • Open Robotics
  • PickNik Robotics
  • Robohub
  • SICK
  • Willow Garage

Individual Champions:

  • Alex Padilla
  • Ayanna Howard
  • Evan Ackerman
  • Frank Tobe
  • Henrik Christensen
  • Joy Buolamwini
  • Kat Scott
  • Khari Johnson
  • Louise Poubel
  • Mark Martin
  • Rodney Brooks
  • Rumman Chowdhury
  • Timnit Gebru


  • Dayo Macintosh, founder of Yateou