Jobs in robotics?

Interested in a job in robotics? Everyone is hiring! Instead of bringing the jobs to you, we’d like to send your resume to our member robotics companies, like: Fetch Robotics,  SRI International,  Embark Trucks,  Softbank Robotics,  X (ex Google) and Cruise 

Whether your skills are software, hardware, product or project management, marketing, operations, sales or statistics, we’d like to hear from you!

Meanwhile – here are some suggested volunteer opportunities with Silicon Valley Robotics:

Volunteer Positions or Internships at Silicon Valley Robotics

Silicon Valley Robotics has several opportunities for flexible hours volunteers, p/t unpaid internships or coop positions. These are great networking opportunities and may be possible course credits.

Event Volunteers (get plenty of networking time!)

  • Organize venues
  • Promote events (social media and posters)
  • Assist with catering and logistics
  • Be a greeter
  • Assist with presentations or pack up

Community Building Volunteers (get great introductions!)

  • Connect with potential SVR members
  • Promote SVR (social media including #slack)
  • Liaise with community re events, membership and SVR research reports (via social media)
  • * additionally there’s opportunity for intern(s) to follow up and conduct SVR reports or surveys by phone, plus help compile survey information and write report (may suit MBA students)

Robotics Innovation Program Volunteer (become a robotics innovation expert)

  • Develop speaker schedule for symposiums about robotics innovations
  • Develop ‘robot factory tour’ program
  • Organize venues
  • Promote Robotics Innovation Program
  • Liaise with interested attendees
  • Work with additional SVR volunteers to manage the events

Policy Volunteer (good for introductions and course credits!)

  • Research policy issues suggested by SVR members
  • Promote discussion of robotics policy issues (social media & network events)
  • Prepare reports for SVR members and broader publication

Website Volunteer

  • Put your HTML5, CSS and PHP skills to practice improving the website