Mentor Network

Silicon Valley Robotics and Circuit Launch are launching a network of mentors with a wide range of expertise in all the areas that a growing robot startup might need. Become a mentor!

Michael Harries
Partner at The Robotics Hub Fund
Investing in future Fortune 50 companies using disruptive technologies.
Rich Mahoney
CEO/Founder of Seismic
Founder of Silicon Valley Robotics, ex Director of Robotics at SRI International
Melonee Wise
CEO Fetch Robotics
Robot Ninja for the last 17+ years.
Kristina Vulgan
Co-founder and Managing Partner at Ferocity Capital
Thrives in chaos, driven by data.
Dan O'Mara
Making Hardware Less Hard
Currently COO at Circuit Launch.
Cory Kidd
CEO at Catalia Health
Social robotics pioneer.
Aymerik Renard
General Partner at Hardware Club
Helping you scale globally
Maryanna Saenko
Cofounder and Partner at Future Ventures
Fang Yuan
VP Baidu Ventures
Focusing on early stage enterprise facing AI & robotics investments
Oleha Riden
Principal at MistyWest
Engineering design strategy for robotics.
David Crawley
Founder Ubiquity Robotics
Helping other robot entrepreneurs build robots and companies.
Peter Geng
Mechanical Design Engineer at Intuitive Surgical
Launched two medical robotics devices from design to FDA clearance.
Vivin Hegde
Venture Capital Hilti
Construction Technologist, lead Hilti’s Scouting and Venturing US office to find new Technologies that will help bring the next wave of innovation to construction.
Tessa Lau
Founder Dusty Robotics
Previously CTO of Savioke and research scientist at Willow Garage and IBM.
Justin Girard
CTO of Pax Financial, CoFounder of Fleet Ops
Innovation with machine learning, process automation and data.
Akshay Bhati
SICK Sensor Expert
Leading expert in SICK sensor technologies to make robots navigate autonomously & safely around humans.
Hello I'm Mabu
AI Assistant at Catalia Health
I'm not really a robot. I'm a health practitioner!
Hello I'm Mabu
AI Assistant at Catalia Health
I'm not really a robot. I'm a health practitioner!


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