Good Robot Design Council & Guidelines

In 2016 Silicon Valley Robotics invited design industry experts to create an “Good Robot Design Council” which will formally launch in early 2017.

Here’s an article introducing our good robot design thesis – our “5 Laws of Robotics” are:

  • Robots should not be designed as weapons.
  • Robots should comply with existing law, including privacy.
  • Robots are products: and as such, should be safe, reliable and not misrepresent their capabilities.
  • Robots are manufactured artifacts: the illusion of emotions and agency should not be used to exploit vulnerable users.
  • It should be possible to find out who is responsible for any robot.

These have been adapted from the EPSRC 2010 “Principles of Robotics” and we greatly thank all the researchers and practitioners who are informing this ongoing topic.

In 2019, we’ll announce how to get involved in the “Good Robot Design Council” and our activities. You can sign up here if you’re interested in being a partner.