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Robots for the real world

Who We Are:

Dusty Robotics develops robot-powered tools for the modern construction workforce.

While today’s buildings are built predominantly with manual labor, Dusty envisions a future in which skilled labor makes use of robotic automation to make the work safer, more efficient, and more precise! We want to create a future where construction workers don’t need to retire early because their bodies give out. In Dusty’s future, the buildings we live and work in are built by teams of creative and problem-solving construction crews who direct robots to do the dull/dirty/dangerous work.

What We’re Building:

Dusty bridges the gap between the digital world of building design with the skilled labor operating in the field, accelerating the digital transformation of the construction industry. The centerpiece of our strategy is the FieldPrinter: a mobile printer-on-wheels that prints building floorplans full-size on the concrete floor of a construction site. When errors in layout can cause multi-million-dollar mistakes, our product ensures that all field crews are building off of a single source of truth derived from the digital model.

What you’ll do

Dusty is seeking a software developer with a background in construction, BIM modeling and automation to develop Revit and AutoCAD plugins that translate building models into a layout format that the FieldPrinter robot can print.

In this role, you’ll be a member of Dusty’s software development team, developing a critical part of the overall FieldPrinter product in collaboration with other engineers, product managers and product designers and participating in our software development process. You’ll be a source of BIM expertise within the team, contributing inspiration and ideas on how to further enhance the product through deep integration with building models. You’ll also collaborate with our VDC team to discover patterns in how our customers are producing models, accommodate their needs in our product, and propose best practices with FieldPrinter in mind.


  • 3+ years of software development experience within the Autodesk ecosystem, ideally developing plugins to accelerate BIM/CAD preparation for construction
  • 5+ years experience with building modeling for construction with Revit and/or AutoCAD
  • Education/training in computer science, algorithms and software engineering
  • Familiarity with the software development lifecycle
  • Innate understanding of the needs of construction professionals both in the back office and in the field
  • Ability to analyze a BIM workflow, optimize the most labor-intensive steps, and implement automations to reduce the overall cost
  • Fluent in C# and Revit/AutoCAD plugin APIs
  • Excellent communication skills that bridge software development, technology, and construction domains
  • A focus on the needs and experience of customers who utilize BIM automations

Working at Dusty

We are a culture of do-ers who respect each others’ strengths, and work together to accomplish the impossible. We value open-mindedness, technical depth, passion for what we’re building, an itch to build something with your own two hands. We celebrate people who create their own narratives rather than living someone else’s.

Our engineering teams are guided by experienced leads who value clean design, elegant architecture and modern technologies. We are committed to quality and reliability; our QA team supports our software efforts with rigorous testing, and we all frequently visit construction sites to evaluate our robot in operation.

We also provide mentorship in all areas of engineering to help you do your best work. In addition to day-to-day guidance from experienced engineers, we host weekly discussions on engineering topics. We reimburse attendance fees for technology conferences on robotics and other fields. And we offer support in accessing whatever learning resources you find helpful.

It’s been said that spending a couple years at a high-growth startup will gain you the equivalent of 10 years experience anywhere else. Dusty is very much in this phase of growth. Working here will provide you with challenges and experiences that you’ll carry forward long into your career.

Why You Should Join:

In joining our team, you’ll become an important part of a small and fast-growing company. We are daring to accomplish something big, do you want to be a critical part of Dusty’s success? We are deeply committed to our mission, and we believe in removing roadblocks that distract us from reaching our goals.

To that end, we offer an unlimited vacation policy, a 401k with employer match, reasonable work hours, and flexible schedules. We know that our best work happens when we feel well-rested and capable of focusing all of our energy on making Dusty successful!

Strong, effective teams are composed of people with diverse set of backgrounds and experiences who bring a variety of perspectives to their work. We actively encourage applications from a diverse pool, including those from historically under-represented groups such as women, people of color, people who identify LGBTQ, people with disabilities, and immigrants.

Our Code of Conduct:

Dusty Robotics exists to serve a wide variety of customers from all walks of life. We believe that our mission is best served in an environment that is friendly, safe, accepting, and free of intimidation or harassment. We do not tolerate abusive behavior.

Where You’ll Work:

Dusty’s offices are located in Mountain View, CA. You will be primarily working from our office in this role to facilitate rapid coordination with executive leadership and business teams. You can also expect to travel a small amount to customer locations around the US.

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