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InOrbit streamlines robot operations with a cloud-based robot management platform built to maximize the potential of every robot.

Robotics Operations Specialist (Roboteer)

Join us at InOrbit to accelerate the adoption of robotics at global scale. InOrbit is the leading SaaS provider of RobOps (robot operations). You’ll be working with some of the most advanced technologies while improving the resilience and safety of communities around the world.

InOrbit is a venture-backed, cloud-based robot management platform that allows companies across all industries to operate growing robot fleets efficiently. We are a distributed and diverse team with a shared passion for planetary-scale impact. Learn more about our vision on our blog.

We’re looking for a Roboteer, an emerging job as robotics takes off, to remotely help robots keep getting their work done for our customers. Our CEO wrote about it on Forbes.

Your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Providing services related to level 1 (first responder) support services for both customer robot incidents and overall cloud service issues that require response
  • Ensuring that we minimize the amount of time that robots are compromised in progressing through and completing their tasks
  • Responding to and resolving issues through a variety of processes that are easy to learn, but often repetitive
  • Working directly with InOrbit customers and employees to quickly and effectively respond to incidents in accordance with the defined procedures
  • Receiving and responding to, or potentially escalating, customer phone calls and emails (solid verbal and written English is important)
  • Logging any unique situations and steps taken as appropriate for novel or high priority issues, along with recommendations to improve workflows

The ideal candidate is eager to learn about technology and is comfortable taking on basic operations responsibility Ideally you are:

  • Motivated by the opportunity to learn about robotics by hands-on remote oversight of actual robots in production
  • Reliable. Can be counted on to cover assigned shifts and address all issues that come up quickly, based on evolving procedures.
  • Responsive. There is generally significant downtime in any given work period for homework or computer-based activities, but you need to be ready to quickly take on interruptions when they surface
  • Flexible. We are looking for people to help us provide 24/7 service, so openness to taking shifts outside traditional office hours is desirable

You get bonus points if you:

  • Have experimented with or studied robotics, or participated in a robotics club
  • Enjoy pattern recognition, in our case to help robots return to autonomy by following sequences of actions or teleoperating them on a map
  • Would be excited to learn and apply a variety of Cloud Services for
    • incident management
    • customer service
    • messaging

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