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FLX Solutions is a funded startup looking to change the construction industry with our patented FLX BOT hardware and software solution.

Senior Roboticist

We are seeking a unique individual who has experience taking mechatronic robotic systems from prototype to market. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in robotics and software development with experience in embedded systems and hardware implementation is preferred. This is complimented by experience building and leading a technical team along with the skillset to jump in and develop as needed. Experience in both early stage startups and larger corporate environments is a plus.
● Lead the day to day software and robotics development of the FLX BOT during transition from MVP to market
● Define the technical roadmap to meet customer goals and advance fundraising efforts
● Build and manage team of robotics, software, and perception engineers
● Identify areas where additional talent is needed and formulate strategies to hire
● Assist in customer pilots and field trials
● Help set and manage budgets, timelines, and project changes
● Navigate DFM and design decisions towards go to market
Technical Skills:
● Experience with ROS and other robotic software solutions
● SLAM, sensor fusion, and path planning experience
● Developing and managing a 2D/3D perception stack
● 3D reconstruction is preferred
● Embedded System and Firmware experience is preferred:
● Examples include: STM32, ESP32, and brushless motor systems
● Programming languages, including:
● Python
● Modern C++ (14/17/20)
● Experience with wireless communications is a plus
● Familiarity with source control and Git

Additional Skills:
● Previous success with taking robotic systems to market
● Understanding of the business constraints in early stage companies and able to work within them
● Self-starter with a positive and professional attitude, a high level of integrity, and strong personal work ethic
● History of building and leading technical teams – has been part of an organization that needed to scale rapidly
● Confident
● Excellent written and verbal communication skills
● Ability to work in a fast-paced start-up environment
● Highly collaborative mentality, but also the ability to effectively work independently
● A detail-oriented person who is proficient in collaboration and delegation of tasks with the ability to think critically and learn quickly
● Someone who can synthesize and present information effectively while withstanding and adapting to the rapid change of a start-up culture
● Willingness to stand up to the CEO on technical matters to drive the project forward

The Intangibles:
FLX Solutions is at an early stage and alignment with our core values is critical:
● Do what you say, say what you do
● We all make mistakes. It is what we do afterwards that define us
● Treat all with respect. Period.
● Leave a situation better than you found it
● Just because something has always been done a certain way doesn’t mean it has to be
● We only have one planet and it is our responsibility to protect it
● Work hard and play harder (but don’t forget part one)

Skills, Experience, and Attributes:
● Have led/been involved in the successful fundraising of capital at an early stage tech startup (ideally hardware)
● Worked at an early stage startup and understand the culture
● Have a Rolodex of contacts and a plan to make it happen
● Is self-starting and gets it done right the first time
● Comfortable with 21st century business tech (web conference, Dropbox, etc.)
● Willing to fight (cleanly) for what they believe in but accept (graciously) the outcome if they are overruled
● Strong communicator whom people enjoy talking to and working with
● Can sell just about anything to anyone without them feeling slimy
● Education: Ideally have a diploma from somewhere in something but experience from the school of hard knocks is equally sufficient

To apply for this job please visit docs.google.com.