Membership FAQs

Why can’t I join as an individual?

It got confusing. Our bylaws as a 501c6 means that membership is for companies. Individuals receive many of the same benefits from our events and ecosystem, but primarily through subscribing to our calendar and newsletter, joining our meetups and following us on social.

If you want invitations to ‘members only’ events, weekly updates etc. because you are working in robotics company (or consulting) then you need to join as a company member. 

Do we need to be located in the Bay Area? 

If you have an office and do business in California, as a robotics technology company (including software and sensors) then you can join as a member. If you’re located elsewhere but visit to do business as a startup, then you can join as a member. Everyone else is able to join at the Global Partner or Sponsor Levels.

Which email address should I put for my company?

Provide an administrative or CEO email. This is primarily for receipts AND important invitations. You can sign up additional company members for our newsletter by adding them as contacts on your account. The public newsletter doesn’t include members only events or discounts.

I’ve already joined the mail list via the newsletter or events? Why become a member?

Support SVR and enjoy additional benefits. We are continuing to improve our membership benefits.

How can I change my membership details?

Use the Manage Membership page – or contact

How can I add or change the forums we signed up for?

Every quarter we send you an update form. It’s also on the membership management page.

When do memberships renew?

We have just moved to calendar year membership and all memberships will need to renew at the start of the year.

Do you prorata membership fees?

Yes, we prorata every few months, reducing the membership costs.

Will I receive a membership number? 

Not at the moment. We’re interested in improving the website and membership process but that’s a 2024 thing.

What about an invoice or receipt?

Select receive a receipt of payment during the sign up process, or log in using the primary account to view and print invoices/payment history at any time. Or contact

What are my payment options?

You can pay online via credit card or paypal, either directly from the membership form or from your invoice. You can also mail us a check (select send me an invoice option).

What if the website broke or my payment didn’t go through and now I can’t reregister?

Try again but select “renewing or returning”.

Can investors, banks or venture firms join?

You can join as Global Partners or Sponsors. We’d like to discuss tailoring benefits to suit your goals.

What about STEM robotics companies?

Are you a non-profit? Or are you an educational robotics business? Contact us at

Can I sponsor an event?

Contact us directly for answers! 650 ROBOT 56 or