Topics I talk about:

  • Robots startups, raising funds, finding product/market fit, investors etc.
  • Latest trends in the robotics industry. Are robots going to take all of our jobs? How to solve our global challenges with robots!
  • Ethical challenges and solutions for robotics and AI.
  • Being a boss woman in robotics and supporting other women in STEM.



  • Saturdays at 4pm Pacific – Robots4Society – in Small Steps & Giant Leaps Club
    • Where we talk about the impact of robots on society both good and bad, and meet roboticists. Next topics in Robots4Society will be:
      • Sat 20th Feb – Assistive Robots
      • Sat 27th Feb – Uncanny Valley
      • Sat 6th March – Social Robots & HRI
  • Mondays at 6pm Pacific – Robot and Deep Tech Startups Q&A with Investors – in Startup Club
  • Tuesdays at 4pm Pacific – Drones and Robots for Conservation and Science – in Talk Nerdy To Me Club
    • On land, in the air and under the oceans, drones and robots are helping us to measure and maintain our natural surroundings.
  • Tuesdays at 7pm Pacific – Talking to Animals, Androids and Aliens – in Small Steps & Giant Leaps
    • What does communication with animals teach us about communication with robots or extraterrestrials? And with our own brains. Special guest speaker Catie Cuan, professional dancer and roboticist
  • Thursdays at 2pm Pacific – Robots creating emotional expression – Paper Discussion – in Science on the Rocks
    • We're discussing “MoveAE: Modifying Affective Robot Movements Using Classifying Variational Autoencoders" by Michael Suguitan, Randy Gomez and Guy Hoffman with other HRI researchers.
  • Thursdays at 7pm Pacific – Fave Space and Sci-Fi Books – in Science Fiction Talks
    • Share your favorite space and sci-fi books with us! Sometimes authors like Hank Green drop by. Sometimes we have editors who can help your flow. It's like a rainy day in your favorite cafe.  Here's our collective book list so far!

Want to host a room on a particular topic? Or would you like to join us as a speaker?


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