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Who are the Visionary companies in robotics? See the 2020 SVR Industry Award winners

These Visionary companies have a big idea and are well on their way to achieving it, although it isn’t always an easy road for any really innovative technology. In the case of Cruise, that meant testing self driving vehicles on the streets of San Francisco, one of the hardest driving environments in the world. Some […]

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Covariant wins Visionary Award in SVR ‘Good Robot’ Industry Awards

Covariant  Founders: Peter Chen, Pieter Abbeel, Rocky Duan, Tianhao Zhang Founded: 2017 HQ: San Francisco, CA Covariant is building the Covariant Brain, a universal AI to give robots the ability to see, reason and act on the world around them. Bringing practical AI Robotics into the physical world is hard. It involves giving robots a […]

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