12 startups in computer vision or visual AI

Vote for Audience Choice Award of best vision startup! On May 15 2020, these 12 semifinalist startups will be further narrowed down to five finalists and pitch their company and product to a panel of judges and a live online audience on July 16 2020. The Judges Award and the Audience Choice Award will both be announced at the end of the session. The Vision Tank is the Embedded Vision Summit’s annual start-up competition, showcasing the best new ventures using computer vision or visual AI in their products or services.


Libraries designed to make it more simple to analyze vibrations at a rapid rate and more affordable price, predominantly—but not exclusively—in the predictive maintenance, home appliance and safety/security sectors About Cartesiam


Augmented Reality (AR) glasses, a solution in the ophthalmic field built from both hardware and proprietary software to solve the unmet need by those with AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration) using an augmented reality visual aid to help improve vision About Eyedaptic


Eye-tracking for depth-sensing cameras used in consumer devices—including shopper data, mobile phones, laptops and many other applications— with a focus on improving where the market perceived to be lacking, attention sensing capabilities About Eyeware

Fast Sense Studio

Indoor robotic devices that help production, distribution and retail businesses create vital operations for smooth same-day delivery, using autonomous systems About Fast Sense

Hayden AI

The first AI-powered data platform for smart and safe city applications such as traffic law enforcement and parking management that offers important insights and monitoring About Hayden AI

Nota Incorporated

A new platform developed with deep learning model compression technology that compresses the size of computer vision models small enough to be deployed individually on small edge devices at a lower cost, faster inference and with no privacy concerns About Nota

Owl Autonomous Imaging, Inc.

A new 3D sensor modality used for applications in autonomous things with a focus on safety improvement and helping manufacturers make decisions to mitigate liability risks and cost for safe operation About Owl Autonomous

Perspective Components

A system comprised of advanced enterprise applications and hardware to redefine the standard of video processing systems through edge computing and on-device learning by eliminating a reliance on cloud computing and an internet connectionAbout Perspective Components

Ramona Optics

A product used in many applications that solves the problem of looking at tiny area when you’re looking at something through a microscope at high resolutions using an array of small microscopes to see a huge area at high resolution at once About Ramona Optics


Solving robotic failure with a platform built with flexible proprietary algorithms and tools that help you find the sensor combination that works for you and solves your most complex problems About SLAMcore

Thrive Education

Telemedicine appointments connecting children and families to psychologists via an internet platform for a quick virtual assessment that uses machine learning to gather behavioral dataAbout Thrive


An API that makes computer vision applications more data and energy-efficient, allowing for savings in data collection and labeling, faster go to market, more reliable models in production, and lighter deployment on the edge About UpStride

Vision Tank 2020 Finals—A live, online and interactive event to take place July 16, 2020.

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