Ambidextrous wins Overall Excellence Award in inaugural SVR ‘Good Robot’ Industry Awards 2020

Co-Founders: Jeffrey Mahler, Ken Goldberg, Stephen McKinley, David Gealy, Matt Matl

Founded: 2018

HQ: Emeryville, CA

Category: Innovation Award and Overall Excellence

Ambidextrous is empowering versatile robots for automated e-commerce order fulfillment with an AI-enhanced operating system that learns to pick, scan, and pack a wide variety of items in just a few hours, enabling new levels of flexibility, reliability, and accuracy.

This is made possible by smart dexterous manipulation technology developed by the founding team at UC Berkeley, who pioneered simulation-to-reality learning for robotic picking in the Dex-Net project. Since presenting the Dex-Net research, Ambidextrous has been quietly working with significant commercial customers. @AiAmbidextrous

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