Announcing the Foxglove Agent

The Foxglove Team & Enterprise plans now include the ability to run on-robot agents and upload data directly to the cloud. 

Last month we launched the Foxglove Agent, a new feature designed to modernize robotics development by enabling direct data transfer from robots to the cloud. This eliminates the need for manual data offloading methods, offering real-time visibility of robot data, easy cloud importation, and robust handling of unstable network connections. Foxglove Agent helps accelerate development workflows by integrating seamlessly with Foxglove’s advanced visualization tools, connecting with your existing post-processing workflows, or tagging interesting timestamps with events for later triage.

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 New Feature: Webhooks

The Foxglove Team & Enterprise plans now include the ability to run automations powered by your robotics data.

Robotics developers can now leverage webhooks to automate workflows, offering seamless integration for immediate action upon new recordings, events, and devices. This feature enables automatic data transformation, event triage, labeling for machine learning, and instant Slack notifications, enhancing efficiency and reducing delays in data processing. Webhooks in Foxglove are designed to streamline operations from data upload to analysis, adding a significant boost in development speed for robotics teams.

Run automations with webhooks

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Performance improvements: Several performance improvements have been made in each release over the past few months. See them all on our GitHub studio repo. 

Coloring pointclouds by distance: Added option to color points in 3D and Image panels by the norm of their coordinates. Read more

Improved autocomplete suggestions: Better autocomplete suggestions when typing message path syntax. Read more

 Product Tutorials 

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Manage data from the command line: Import and export robotics data using the Foxglove CLI. Read more

The most clicked product feature announcement from our last newsletter was “Getting Started with H.264 Video“. H.264 video format takes advantage of keyframes and delta compression, using less bandwidth than frames written as compressed image messages.

 Foxglove in the Wild

Wayve, leveraging Foxglove’s data visualization tools, has dramatically accelerated its AI-driven self-driving car development. By streamlining the triage process and consolidating tooling, Wayve has reduced event analysis time from days to minutes, enhancing collaboration and speeding up iteration cycles. Read more about how Foxglove is supporting Wayve’s mission to deploy autonomous vehicles globally.

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