Even construction robotics has COVID-19 related opportunities

One of the Silicon Valley Robotics Construction Forum members, Module, has cofounded a COVID-19 Housing Task Force hoping to bring digital construction design techniques that they’ve been deploying for energy self sufficient modular buildings and convert that into rapidly deployable safe housing. Initially for the Pittsburgh areas but potentially available further afield to assist hospitals and aged care facilities.

ModuleBlockhouse Residential, & SpringBoard Design – have teamed up to create a Covid-19 Modular Housing Task Force to develop a rapidly deployable solution to the space and housing challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. The task force is developing a prototype residential facility that can:

  1. Provide respite for individuals and families affected by COVID 19 during the crisis
  2. Alleviate pressure on the hospital systems given the forthcoming bed shortage in many facilities
  3. Be converted into long-term, age-in-place affordable housing after the crisis subsides.

In talking with those directly involved in patient care including Emergency Room Directors, Physicians, Nurses and those in charge of logistics, Module, Blockhouse, & SpringBoard Deign have discovered a variety of needs to be addressed for the following populations:

Non-Covid Patients:

For those currently in the hospital for Non-Covid care, or in the future may need typical hospital care, there’s a need to place those patients in separate areas — to make space for those requiring more critical care & to reduce the spread of infection

Healthcare Workers:

Healthcare workers need spaces at home or otherwise to self-isolate from family members or roommates to reduce the spread of infection of others

At-Risk Populations:

The at-risk population (those with underlying health problems, homeless, or have limited networks) need spaces that can ensure their needs are met while their health can be monitored. Isolation from public is critical but may need to receive care — virtually if possible

Covid-19 Positive Patients who are low-risk:

Those who are at low-risk but have tested positive — spaces that allow them to maintain a normal day to day life.

Contact Module’s COVID-19 Modular Housing Task Force here.