Growing My Robot Company

Early stage startup:

Silicon Valley Robotics helps you accelerate your startup. We have prototyping and small batch manufacturing facilities at Circuit Launch in Oakland. We have a mentor network, and provide introductions to investors, startup showcases, startup seminars and demo days. SVR startup membership includes listing in our membership directory.

Small to Medium Enterprises:

Network with other robotics companies and organizations. Stay informed on the latest trends in robotics, funding opportunities and specific market sectors with our weekly newsletter and regular forums. Showcase your products in our directory. Organize workshops or masterclasses with us. Special tradeshow packages/invitations and other marketing benefits.

Growth Stage Company

We can help you recruit with network or speaker events or job fairs and a resume database. Talk to us about customized talent development via our educational partners, or lifelong learning for your team. Of course our networking events help you keep up to date. Our directory, and our online platforms including social media, can help you extend your outreach.

Global Partners

We can help companies interested in robotics with technology scouting, trend spotting, and business development. Open up your own R&D Lab or Innovation Office in our HQ in Oakland for ongoing benefits and constant connection to the latest innovations in robotics.


Would you like to sponsor or host an event? Or provide speakers? Contact us!

This section is being updated regularly, to help you find your way through a mass of information on Silicon Valley Robotics website and beyond. If you are still looking for information, you may be interested in the next sections, and how we can help you with business development and recruitment:

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