MassRobotics, Pittsburgh Robotics Network and Silicon Valley Robotics Form U.S. Alliance of Robotics Clusters to Advocate for Growing Robotics Industry

BOSTON, Mass. / May 3, 2022 – MassRobotics, Pittsburgh Robotics Network and Silicon Valley Robotics have formed the United States Alliance of Robotics Clusters (USARC). USARC supports the development, commercialization and scaling of robotics for global good by collaborating with government and industry stakeholders.

The organization will develop and drive U.S. robotics mandates to deliver:
● Increased collaboration and communication across U.S. robotics clusters
● Enhanced support and success for stakeholders and startups
● Focused advocacy for the robotics and artificial intelligence industries

“The development, commercialization and scaling of robotics technologies, software, hardware, systems and components is accelerating rapidly, and the vision of using robotics and automation to bring meaningful solutions to previously unsolvable challenges is a reality,” said Tom Ryden, executive director, MassRobotics. “USARC will amplify the collective voice of our industry, innovative startups, partners and stakeholders with a goal of securing ever-increasing engagement with academia, government and industry to support U.S. robotics leadership.”

With a goal to help meet U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, USARC and its members will support:
• Sustainability through myriad robotics application including agritech, energy efficiency, recycling and climate change
• Revitalization of local industry and economic development through the growth of robotics clusters
• Onshoring more robotics and artificial intelligence businesses and initiatives

“The robotics industry is perfectly positioned, with the right governmental support, to help meet U.N. Sustainable Development Goals,” said Joel Reed, executive director, Pittsburgh Robotics Network. “We’re facing issues like an aging population, lack of access to arable land and clean water, and climate change resulting from inefficient energy production and utilization. Robotic technologies are addressing these issues with great success and contributing to a healthier society — and we can do much more with a unified approach.”

The U.S. robotics industry represents the fastest geography for growth and activity in the world. In 2021, robotics and automation investment in the U.S. exceeded $20 billion, 60 percent of the global investment total. Additionally, robotics startups are thriving in the United States as 28 percent of investment deals are to early-stage companies. Each of the robotics clusters within USARC has realized tenfold or better growth in the last decade (based on the number of companies in each of the clusters.)

“The role of robotics cluster organizations must grow to keep pace with rapid expansion of robotics in the U.S. Our organizations have always worked together informally but are now collaborating strategically to increase U.S. economic productivity and sustainability,” said Andra Keay, managing director, Silicon Valley Robotics. “The United States is the global thought leader in robotics, automation and AI, and we are applying these technologies for both the greater good and to meet global challenges.”

The US Alliance of Robotics Clusters will showcase robotics at the Industry and Entrepreneurship Forums at ICRA 2022 in Philadelphia from May 23-28.

Partners within the United States Alliance of Robotics Clusters (USARC) work together to amplify key solutions that robotics, automation and artificial intelligence provide to domestic and global challenges. USARC is open to established and early-stage U.S. robotics clusters and companies and likeminded stakeholders and invites conversation and collaboration with industry and policy partners at the local and national levels. Learn more at

About MassRobotics
MassRobotics is the result of the collective work of a global group of engineers, rocket scientists and entrepreneurs with a shared vision to create a strong, vibrant robotics and IoT ecosystem. MassRobotics’ mission is to help create and scale the next generation of successful robotics and connected devices companies by providing entrepreneurs and innovative robotics/automation startups with the workspace and resources they need to develop, prototype, test and commercialize their products and solutions. See for details.

About Pittsburgh Robotics Network
The Pittsburgh Robotics Network (PRN) represents the companies and leaders who make up the Pittsburgh robotics ecosystem, which is anchored by Carnegie Mellon University and driven by 100+ robotics organizations, including the world’s leaders in autonomous vehicle development. It is the PRN’s mission to accelerate the adoption of robotic solutions by bridging this large and dynamic community, to the world. The PRN executes this by making connections, expanding collective knowledge and positively influencing the advancement of robotic and artificial intelligence technologies.

About Silicon Valley Robotics
Silicon Valley Robotics supports innovation and commercialization of robotics technologies. Formed in 2010 by pioneering robotics companies such as SRI International, Willow Garage and Adept Technologies, we provide a landing pad and accelerator for startups and companies operating in California. or

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