Robotics respond to COVID-19

This is the start of Silicon Valley Robotics list of local robotics companies and service providers who can build or make useful stuff for first responders and health organizations during the COVID-19 crisis. Ranging from volunteers, open source project designs, telepresence robots, robots for all sorts of things and groups with critical resources available.

Today Tra Vu, from Ohmnilabs (a Santa Clara based telepresence robotics company) reached out to me…

“Do you happen to know if the local hospitals need any 3D printed parts? We are part of the Helpful Engineering group and have been involved in the global effort to print face shields and valves. We’d like to bring that effort closer to home if there are local needs. We built 30 more printers to meet the increased telepresence robot demand, and have dedicated capacity to help in the fight against COVID. If you know any local hospitals with immediate need, please connect us, we’d love to support in any way possible!”

Ohmnilabs have telepresence robots, can print face masks or ventilator valves and have also offered to donate some N95 masks. You can contact them directly here.