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Commercially successful robotics startups are the stars of our Good Robot Industry Awards

Getting to $1 million in revenue is a huge milestone for any robotics company. We asked for real revenue for this category of awards, not venture dollars. Some of our successfully commercialized companies went straight to revenue from early customers, saving the venture rounds for expansion capital. In these days of unicorn valuations, $1 million […]

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Multiply Labs wins Commercialization Award in SVR ‘Good Robot’ Awards

Multiply Labs CoFounders: Fred Parietti, Alice Melocchi, Kameron C. Chan        Founded: 2016             HQ: San Francisco, CA   Multiply Labs has developed a fully automated & robotic modular factory for Individualized Therapies. From personalized all-in-one capsules to advanced biologics, the impact of robotics in pharmaceutical manufacturing is tremendous and enables new therapies that were not […]

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