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What does Innovation look like in robotics? See the SVR 2020 Industry Award winners

Self-driving vehicles would not be possible without sensors and so it’s not surprising to see two small new sensors in the 2020 Silicon Valley Robotics ‘Good Robot’ Innovation Awards, the Velabit from Velodyne and the nanoScan3 from SICK. We showcase three other innovations in component technology, the FHA-C with Integrated Servo Drive from Harmonic Drive, […]

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Qualcomm wins Innovation Award in SVR ‘Good Robot’ Industry Awards

Robotics RB5 Platform from Qualcomm CEO: Steve Mollenkopf Founded: 1985 HQ:  San Diego, CA The Qualcomm Robotics RB5 Platform supports the development of the next generation of high-compute, AI-enabled, low power robots and drones for the consumer, enterprise, defense, industrial and professional service sectors that can be connected by 5G. The QRB5165 processor, customized for […]

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