Qualcomm wins Innovation Award in SVR ‘Good Robot’ Industry Awards

Robotics RB5 Platform from Qualcomm

CEO: Steve Mollenkopf

Founded: 1985

HQ:  San Diego, CA

The Qualcomm Robotics RB5 Platform supports the development of the next generation of high-compute, AI-enabled, low power robots and drones for the consumer, enterprise, defense, industrial and professional service sectors that can be connected by 5G. The QRB5165 processor, customized for robotics applications, offers a powerful heterogeneous computing architecture coupled with the leading 5th generation Qualcomm® Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine delivering 15 Trillion Operations Per Second (TOPS) of AI performance.

Dev Singh, senior director, business development, head of robotics, drones and intelligent machines, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc

The QRB5165 processor also contains the dedicated, powerful Qualcomm AI Engine, which includes the Hexagon Tensor Accelerator, and dedicated computer vision hardware block EVA (Engine for Video Analytics). It’s designed to achieve peak performance while being able to also support small battery-operated robots with challenging power and thermal dissipation requirements. The platform offers support for Linux, Ubuntu and Robot Operating System (ROS) 2, as well as pre-integrated drivers for various cameras, sensors and connectivity.