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Kindred wins Commercialization Award in SVR ‘Good Robot’ Industry Awards

Kindred Founders: George Babu, James Bergstra, Suzanne Gildert, Geordie Rose CEO: Marin Tchakarov Founded: 2014  HQ:  San Francisco, CA & Toronto, ON Kindred is a robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) company that develops robots to solve real-world problems. Since its founding in 2014, its mission has been to enhance the industrial workforce with the world’s […]

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Simbe Robotics wins Commercialization Award in SVR ‘Good Robots’ Industry Awards

Simbe Robotics CEO: Bradley Bogolea Founded: 2014 HQ:  San Francisco, CA Simbe is the company behind Tally, the fully-autonomous inventory robot that strategically roams store aisles, scanning shelves and capturing real-time data about product availability, placement and pricing. Using machine learning algorithms, Tally recognizes what products are on-shelf, decodes tags to ensure items are in […]

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