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Digital fashion meets robotics in this online summit

Anina Net is our latest ‘Roboticist in Residence’ although she usually resides on a catwalk or behind the scenes of the fashion industry around the world. Anina has been pioneering the use of technology in fashion for many years and she will be launching a luxury robot (shhh!) on Monday in her Digital Fashion Online […]

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Introducing Roboticist in Residence Eliza Kosoy; E-liza Dolls

Eliza Kosoy is a Ph.D Student at UC Berkeley. She studied mathematics in college and then worked for Prof. Joshua Tenenbaum at MIT in his computational cognitive science lab. She then started on a Ph.D at UC Berkeley working with Professor Alison Gopnik in 2018. She is most proud of receiving funding and winning an […]

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Jillian Ogle is the first ‘Roboticist in Residence’ at Co-Lab

Recently featured on the cover of MAKE magazine, Jillian Ogle is a robot builder, game designer and the founder of Let’s Robot a live streaming interactive robotics community, where users can control real robots via chatroom commands, or put their on own robots online. Some users can even make money with their robots on the Let’s […]

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