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COVID-19, robots and us March 31 special guests

Join us on Tuesday at 7pm Pacific for our next weekly discussion on COVID-19, robots and us. This week we’re focusing on disaster robotics, social robotics, telemedicine and human-robot interaction with special guests: Robin Murphy, Founder of the field of Disaster Robotics and Raytheon Professor at Texas A&M University Ross Mead, Founder of Semio and […]

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COVID-19, robots and us – weekly online discussion

Join us for a discussion with experts from the robotics and health community Every week at 7pm on Tuesdays we speak to experts from the robotics and health community. This event is free and open to the public. Regular guest speakers are: Gui Cavalcanti, CEO/Cofounder of Breeze Automation and Founder of Open Source Covid-19 Medical […]

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