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Building a Fleet of Autonomous Service Robots Just Got Faster, Cheaper and Leaner with Ohmni Modular Robotics Platform

OhmniLabs can now develop, manufacture and deploy robotic solutions for any industry or application in record time    San Jose, Calif., May 18, 2021 – OhmniLabs, an award-winning developer of customized robotics solutions, today announced the availability of a new Ohmni Modular Robotics Platform that puts the power of specification into the hands of its […]

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OhmniLabs wins Commercialization Award in SVR ‘Good Robot’ Industry Awards

OhmniLabs  CEO: Thuc Vu Founded: 2015 HQ: Santa Clara, CA OhmniLabs is on a mission to shift the paradigm of robotics development. Using our platform, companies can quickly prototype new robots at unmatched speed and at 5-10 times lower cost than companies using traditional design techniques and injection molding. Our advantage lies in our modular […]

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