The robots of IROS 2023

The International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) showcases leading-edge research in robotics. IROS was held in Detroit MI Oct 1-5 and not only showcased research but the latest commercialization in robotics, particularly robotics providers selling into robotics for research or as part of the hardware/software stack. The conference focuses on future directions in robotics, and the latest approaches, designs, and outcomes. It also provides an opportunity to network with the world’s leading roboticists.

Highlights included seeing Silicon Valley Robotics members; Foxglove, Hello Robot, Anyware Robotics and Tangram Vision, also Open Robotics and Intrinsic talking up ROS 2 and the upcoming ROSCon 23. Intrinsic sponsored a ROS/IROS meetup and Clearpath Robotics sponsored the Diversity Cocktails event. OhmniLabs sponsored 3 telepresence robots which were in constant demand touring the expo, the competition floor and the poster sessions. I also met Sol Robotics from the Bay Area, which has quite a unique robot arm structure, that’s super stable with the ability to carry a lot of weight.

There were plenty of rolling and roaming robots, like this Diablo from Direct Drive Tech (world’s first Direct-Drive Self-Balancing Wheeled-Leg Robot), also from Deep Robotics, Unitree Robotics, Fourier Intelligence, Hebi and Westwood Robotics. Also the other legged one, and the rolling robots – Clearpath, Otto, Husarion, Hebi and more. Although they weren’t on the Expo Floor, the Disney keynote session was another highlight with a live robot demo on stage,

And Franka Emika fans will be pleased to hear that not only did they win a ‘best paper’ award, but that the eminent demise of the company is much overstated. It’s a German thing. There are many investors/purchasers lined up to keep the company going while they restructure. And watch out for Psyonics! Psyonics’ smart ability hands and arms, world’s first touch sensing bionic arms, are being used by Apptronik (humanoid for NASA) as well as for people with disabilities.

IROS Exhibitor gallery

Full list of IROS Exhibitors is here.