Viam Announces General Availability of its Robotics Software Platform

Title: Viam Announces General Availability of its Robotics Software Platform
Description: Seven months after releasing its public beta, Viam is excited to share its software platform with the world.

NEW YORK, May 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Viam announces the general availability of its flexible software platform for robotics. Today, anyone, ranging from aspiring to experienced engineers, can design, configure, operate, and program a robot using Viam.

A Flexible Software Platform Viam is a standard protocol for programming any robot, supporting development at every step, from prototype to production.

Viam enables builders to:
● Prototype rapidly – using any hardware parts or programming language, you configure components in minutes
● Move straight into production using the same platform
● Use built-in data management, ML management, and fleet management via our cloud services
● Manage and scale fleets securely with locations, organizations, and permissions

“With innovation slowed down by the high time and resource costs for development, we felt that there was a significant opportunity to do something incredibly important,” said Eliot Horowitz, founder and CEO, Viam. “Robotics can help improve so many industries, from agriculture to food service, to medicine and climate solutions, but we need to break down barriers of working with robotics.”

It’s Your Turn

Viam is committed to empowering the next generation of robotics startups, developers, and businesses, and is now sharing customer stories. Horowitz explains, “These customers are trusting us with their business and their future, and our commitment to them is to be there every step of the way as they innovate and grow. They have been with us through the beta and have helped us refine and guide the
roadmap for Viam’s future.”

– Want to get started? Check out our tutorials or try Viam
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– Interested in launching your own robotics business? Consult with one of our robotics experts

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About Viam

Viam is a software platform that makes it easy to turn great ideas into production-ready robots. Viam works with any hardware and has a modern architecture, easy developer APIs, cloud connectivity and tools, and enterprise-grade security to give even the leanest teams the power to launch and scale their robotics business.

Viam makes building, deploying and managing robots more flexible, affordable and easy to use so that builders can do more with robots while getting them to market faster. By making robotics more accessible, Viam is attracting talent and investment to the industry so that more people start working with robots to build products and services that improve our world.

Founded in 2020 by Eliot Horowitz, former MongoDB co-founder & CTO, Viam is headquartered in New York City.

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