CHI2016 live streaming from May 9 to 12


ACM CHI the premier Human-Computer Interaction conference is being held at San Jose ‘in the heart of Silicon Valley’ from May 7 to May 12 2016.  There are panels and papers on robotics, and on the next generation of interfaces which will impact on robotics and all our technologies.

As the organizers say, “CHI is a place to see, discuss and learn about the future of how people interact with technology. At any minute you might experience a new gesture interface for tablets, learn how developing countries use mobile phones for maternal health, play soccer against someone 3000 miles away, or debate the future of online education.”

If you can’t make it to CHI in person, then there are a few telepresence robots available for participants with mobility impairments, health issues or travel limitations. Beam Pro telepresence robots from Suitable Technologies will allow select attendees to participate in the interactive demos, attend talks, and mingle with other participants.

There will also be a live stream starting at 8.30am (PDT) Monday 9th of the major major conference panels with plenaries from luminaries such as Alan Kay, Marissa Mayer, Kimberly Bryant, Dayo Olopade, Terry Winograd, Sarah Guthals, Vishal Sikka and Salman Khan. The live stream will also show the student design and game competitions and the video showcase. See the schedule for more information.