Circuit Launch Tour via SolidSmack

You can tour in person! Or you can do it via robot 🙂

Circuit Launch’s COO Dan O’Mara (left) and Robot Form of CEO Alex Dantas (right)

We stopped by Circuit Launch in Oakland, California to get a tour of this electronics hardware co-working space and its toys. They boast 31,000 square feet of space, mechanical and electronic prototyping tools, VR and mixed reality studios, educational opportunities and, at the time of our visit, about 80 members/quirky HW nerds.

If you want to see it all for yourself, you can “download your consciousness” into a mobile robot and tool around the space on a guided tour. It can all be done without physically traveling to the facility. In our video, CEO of Circuit Launch, Alex Dantas steers and speaks through the robot as an example. He also creeps on a bunch of members which I guess you could do, too. COO of Circuit Launch, Dan O’Mara is our tour guide and robot chaperone/wrangler.

That’s just the start – here’s the full tour!