Formant wins Visionary Award in SVR ‘Good Robot’ Industry Awards


CEO: Jeff Linnell

Founded: 2017

HQ: San Francisco, CA

Autonomous robots are awesome, but if you want to run a business with them, you’ll need a robust operations platform that connects people, processes, sensors and robots, and provides fleet-wide management, control, and analytics at scale. That is where Formant comes in.

Formant bridges the gap between autonomous systems and the people running them. Our robot data and operations platform provides organizations with a command center that can be used to operate, observe, and analyze the performance of a growing fleet of heterogeneous robots. Empowering customers to deploy faster, scale while reducing overhead, and maximize the value of autonomous robots and the data they collect. The Formant platform is consists of 3 applications;
  • Operate – Real-time command and control of a robot with a single click. Remotely intervene, assist, and teleoperate your robot from anywhere in the world, through a direct, low latency connection.
  • Observe – Easily deploy, configure, and manage an entire robotic fleet at scale. Monitor a fleet in real-time or jump directly to an event to review and resolve incidents quickly and collaboratively.
  • Analyze – Aggregate and enrich robot and sensor data to expose trends, evaluate performance, and demonstrate the ROI of a project or fleet through audience-based dashboards.
Formant’s data-centric approach ensures that the right data is collected, enriched with human and edge data streams, and aggregated to expose trends, enable quick action, and illustrate overall business performance. This unique, data-centric approach deepens each of the core applications; operate, observe and analyze, and frees customers to innovate and make faster, better business decisions with the insights it provides.
So far in 2020, Formant’s robot data and operations platform is supporting dozens of different customers with a multitude of robot types and is deployed on thousands of autonomous devices worldwide. Formant’s customers span robot manufacturers, robot-as-a-service providers, and enterprises with robotic installations and represent a variety of industries, from energy to agriculture to warehouse automation.
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