Harmonic Drive wins Innovation Award in SVR ‘Good Robot’ Industry Awards

FHA-C with integrated servo drive from Harmonic Drive

CEO: Doug Olson

Founded: 1960s

HQ: Beverly, MA

Harmonic Drive LLC has launched a new product in the FHA-C Mini family that integrates an actuator with a servo drive in one compact package, eliminating the need for a separate servo drive. The FHA-C Mini Series is a family of extremely compact actuators that deliver high torque with exceptional accuracy and repeatability.
The revolutionary FHA-C with Integrated Servo Drive eliminates the need for an external drive and greatly improves wiring while retaining high-positional accuracy and torsional stiffness in a compact housing. Since it communicates via CANopen, only 4 conductors are needed. The dual absolute encoders are also able to maintain position when power is lost, so no additional battery is required. This new mini actuator product is ideal for use in robotics. For more information: https://www.harmonicdrive.net/products/micro-mini-products/miniature-actuators/fha-mini-integrated-drive