Haddington Dynamics wins Commercialization Awards in SVR ‘Good Robot’ Industry Awards

Haddington Dynamics

CoFounders: Kent Gilson, Todd Enerson

Founded: 2015            

HQ:  Henderson, NV & Oakland, CA

Dexter HDI sports a set of industrial features while being a fraction of the cost of other robots, making automation accessible in a whole new frontier of applications. This is all thanks to an exciting leap forward in encoder technology, developed by Haddington Dynamics. The FPGA supercomputer onboard the robot gets 0.8-1.6 million points of precision (CPR) directly on each of the robot’s joints, allowing extremely imprecise parts to produce extremely precise movement.

Haddington Dynamics Team meet just before the Ocado acquisition

This same encoder technology grants two disruptive features: motors no longer need to be placed inside of joints and their resolution is high enough to measure deflections in otherwise ridged components, allowing them to double as precise torque sensors. This drastically reduces the power and structural rigidity required of traditional industrial robots as the heavy motors and gear boxes are no longer being lifted but now act as a counterweight. Dexter HDI can be mounted on desktops and plugged into standard wall outlets, giving easy integration into a vast variety of environments.