SRI International, the UC Center for Information Technology in the Interest of the Public (CITRIS) People and Robots Initiative, and Silicon Valley Robotics present an Online Symposium: Open Problems for Robots in Surgery and Healthcare on May 19 from 9.30am to 2pm. The event is free and open to the public. Registration closes at 3pm on May 18.

The COVID-19 pandemic is increasing global demand for robots that can assist in surgery and healthcare. This 4 hour symposium focuses on recent advances and open problems in robot-assisted tele-surgery and tele-medicine and needs for new research and development. The zoom format will encourage active dialogue among faculty, students, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Gary Guthart, President at Intuitive Surgical

We are delighted to announce that Gary Guthart, President of Intuitive Surgical, will be doing a ‘fireside chat’. From pioneering the field of medical robotics, Intuitive Surgical now has $60 Billion USD market capitalization, and is now leading the way in providing technology and clinical grants for surgical robotics, supporting the next generation of research in the field.

Other speakers include Allison Okamura, Director CHARM Lab, Jaydev Desai, Director Georgia Center for Medical Robotics, David Noonan, Director of Research Auris Surgical, Robin Murphy, from Texas A&M and Robotics for Infectious Diseases, Pablo E. Garcia Kilroy, VP of Research from Verb, and Dr Bahareh Nejad, Director of Robotics Surgery at UC Davis.

The conversations will address recent advances in all aspects of healthcare robotics including surgical robots, and will focus on topics which need more research and development.  We expect a lively dialogue among faculty, students, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

  • 09:30-10:00: Conversation with Robin Murphy, Texas A&M and Director of Robotics for Infectious Diseases, and Andra Keay, Director of Silicon Valley Robotics
  • 10:00-10:30: Conversation with Gary Guthart, CEO Intuitive Surgical and Ken Goldberg, Director of CITRIS People and Robots Initiative
  • 10:30-11:00: Conversation with Pablo E. Garcia Kilroy, VP Research Verb Surgical and Tom Low, Director of Robotics at SRI International
  • 11:15-11:45: Conversation with David Noonan, Director of Research, Auris Surgical and Nicole Kernbaum, Seismic
  • 11:45-12:45: Keynote by Jaydev Desai, Director, Georgia Tech Center for Medical Robotics
  • 12:45-01:15: Conversation with Allison Okamura, Stanford and Monroe Kennedy III, Stanford
  • 1:15-1:30: Wrap up