Robot Block Party – job fair


Looking for a career in robotics? Come to the Job Fair at the Robot Block Party at the  Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Lab at Stanford from 1 to 2pm on Wednesday, April 11 2012. The job fair is a new initiative at the popular Robot Block Party in celebration of National Robotics Week. From 1 to 2pm, the Robot Block Party doors are open to students and postgrads who are considering a career in robotics. Robotics is a growth industry with great potential for careers in a range of disciplines, including design, psychology, biological and physical sciences, mechanical, industrial and electrical engineering, AI, mathematics and computer sciences.

See the robots on display and talk to roboticists from some of California’s cutting edge robot companies and research labs. There’ll be representatives from: SRI International, Adept, Bosch, Willow Garage, AUVSI, Silicon Valley Robotics, MLB Drones, Beatbots, Ologic, The Robot App Store, Precise Automation, RoboGames, California Academy of Sciences, and others may include: Neato, Ekso, Tibion, Barobo, Restoration Robotics, KLA Tencore, Honda, Intuitive and NASA. Robotics companies are hiring!

After the job fair, we’ll celebrate robotics with displays ranging from Mars Rovers from The Tech Museum to middle school robot projects. The Robot Block Party is hosted by the Law School’s Center for Internet and Society, pioneers in the field of robot ethics and the law, and organized by SVRobotics, the forum for California’s dynamic robotics cluster. As a part of National Robotics Week, April 7 – 15, 2012, the Robot Block Party celebrates the contributions of Silicon Valley to the development of robotics and aims to spark general interest in science, technology and mathematics.

Finally, the Robot Block Party showcases DIY robotics and fabulous robot art, featuring robots from the Homebrew Robotics Club, various artists/makers/roboticists and school robot projects from FIRST Robot Competitions. For more information, contact Andra Keay 925 344 5925



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