Robust.AI Unveils Software Suite Grace™ & Hardware Product Carter™

Using dynamic coordination software & collaborative productivity, Grace & Carter will enable robots to better work with and understand people.

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Robust.AI, the company transforming how robots work for people, has unveiled its first software suite product, Grace, as well as a hardware product concept, Carter. Grace and Carter combine AI, robotics, and human-centered design to improve the way people and robots interact and work together. These technologies will be applied to the warehousing industry where more than 80% of warehouses operate without any automation, while labor shortages continue to wreak havoc on the global supply chain.

“We’re excited about partnering with the right teams to bring Grace & Carter to warehouses and other industries where we can improve how robots work with people.”

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“Collaborative productivity will transform operational efficiency and employee engagement. We’ve developed a no-code software suite called Grace to make working with robots effortless and useful. Carter is a new class of Collaborative Mobile Robot (CMR) to work with people, not just near them,” says Rodney Brooks, Co-Founder & CTO at Robust.AI. “We’re excited about partnering with the right teams to bring Grace & Carter to warehouses and other industries where we can improve how robots work with people.”

Grace is a software suite that enables dynamic coordination between people and robots in any warehouse with any workflow. The software can map out work between people and robots, allowing it to distribute and adapt as necessary. It provides situational awareness that makes robots capable in spaces where people move and work, including semantic and people perception as well as mapping and localization using cameras. Warehouse managers will be able to customize workflows, integrations, and behavior for an entire fleet of robots in minutes, through a no-code interface.

During the development of Grace, Robust.AI recognized that current Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) are slow to build, deploy, and adopt for many applications. This insight led to the development of Robust.AI’s first hardware product, Carter, a Collaborative Mobile Robot (CMR). Carter provides flexible automation for material handling in warehouses and beyond. As a CMR, Carter works around people without changing the environment, allowing for fluent coordination, while increasing the engagement and productivity of people.

Robust.AI has also added on to their world-class team of industry veterans. Anthony Jules moves into the role of CEO, where he’ll build on his decades of experience of leading teams at companies including Sapient and Redwood Robotics. Leila Takayama is recognized as one of the global experts in human-robot interaction and joins as VP of HRI & Design. Kavitha Velusamy joins as SVP of Engineering and has shipped a number of industry defining products, including the Amazon Echo and Cisco’s first Telepresence System. John Moretti also joins Robust.AI as Head of Product, bringing expertise and experience from his work at Dishcraft Robotics and Wonder Workshop.

Robust.AI is currently in conversation with potential hardware partners for the development of Carter and with early customers for the product.

About Robust.AI

Founded in 2019 by a world-class team of scientists and roboticists, Robust.AI is making robots work for people through AI and human-centered design. Robust.AI’s first software suite Grace enables dynamic coordination between people and robots using a no-code system to seamlessly integrate robots into a workplace setting. Carter is Robust.AI’s first hardware product concept and will transform the way people collaborate with robots in the warehouse. Visit Robust.AI for more information.


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