Silicon Valley Robotics Accelerator


Silicon Valley Robotics brings startups together with cofounders, mentors, programs, facilities and funding to accelerate their growth. We are a meta accelerator.

icon_lightbulb What does your startup need?

icon_people People: Meet cofounders and find peer support at our network events, startup seminars and regular social events.

icon_notes Program: Online resources for your startup include Y Combinator’s Stanford Startup Class, Steve Blank’s Lean Launchpad, Strategyzer’s Business Model Canvas, UP Global’s Startup NEXT and Robot Launchpad Startup Resources.

icon-spanner Facility: Do it yourself at a makerspace like TechshopRobot Garden, Hacker Dojo, Noisebridge, Ace Monster Toys (more at

icon_cogs  Accelerator:  Here are some of our favorites: Lemnos Labs, Highway1, Breakout Labs, iGate, Bolt, Alpha Lab Gear, Lab9, Haxlr8r, Qualcomm/Techstars, Y Combinator, Alchemist Accelerator – see us for introductions. Some have facilities, some have programs, some have funding (see chart below).

icon_piggybank Funding: Apply to our quarterly investor showcase, referrals or introductions to Angel List syndicates, angel groups or VC firms, like f50, iRobot, Robolution Capital, Khosla Ventures, Lux Capital, Bosch Ventures. Even connect with specialists in crowdfunding for hardware startups.


icon_mentor Mentors/Advisors: Access top quality robotics advisors and successful robotics entrepreneurs through our events. Stay tuned for more news.

icon_thumbsup    Startup Competitions: Show off at Robot Launch, our global robotics startup competition, plus find other opportunities to demo at RoboBusiness, Automate, and also our annual Robot Block Party.


Accelerator Comparison Chart:

Alchemist Acceleratormeetings in SF & SVQuarterly6 month$28kapprox 5%n/aaccepts overseas startups
Alchemist IoT Acceleratormeetings in SF & SVQuarterly6 month$28kapprox 5%n/aaccepts overseas startups
AlphaLab GearPittsburghNext date tbc40 weeks$25k or $50k5% or 9%yes
BoltBostonrolling6 month +approx $50kundisclosedyes
Breakout LabsUS basedrollingmilestones$50k to $350kroyalty/equity tbdn/a
iGateLivermore CArollingmilestonesundisclosednoyes
Highway1SF / ShenzhenBiannual6 month$50k4-7%yes
Haxlr8rSF / ShenzhenBiannual4 month$25k or $100k6% or 9%yesaccepts overseas startups
Lemnos LabsSFrollingmilestonesapprox $100kapprox 10%yes
Qualcomm/TechstarsSan DiegoBiannual4 month$120k7-10%accepts overseas startups
YCombinatormeetings in SVBiannual3 month$120k7%accepts overseas startups