The robots of FIRA-USA 2023, CA policy and new agrobotics data standards

There was a great turn out at Fira-USA, held at Salinas Sports Complex (home of the California Rodeo) over Sept 19-21, with approx 2000 in attendance. The attendees included technology scouts, farmers, investors, educators and policymakers, media and of course, robotics companies and startups.

Twelve startups were selected to pitch at FIRA with some traveling from as far afield as New Zealand, India, UK and Europe to attend. All the startup presentations were good but I was particularly taken by TRIC Robotics, SeedSpider, L5 Automation, GRoboMac, Grain Weevil and Muddy Machines. Who am I kidding! You should check them all out, particularly if you’re interested in investing in agriculture. The Startup Pitch Session was supported by Yamaha Ventures.

Here’s a video of Grain Weevil in action – on a mission to prevent ‘boots on the grain’. There are approx 25 deaths each year in grain bins in the USA alone, and one in five of these deaths is a teenager. Not only does Grain Weevil have an impressive financial savings argument in support of the system, but it’s on the way to becoming mandatory safety equipment!

The overarching message from FIRA was that the robots ARE ready, and that farmers are keen. We’re seeing more electric agrobots, also some multipurpose agrobots. Farmers in California are also upset that current CA regulations require a safety driver to accompany every autonomous robot in the field, which is not the requirement in some neighboring states – so we have some policy work and education to be done in California.

IEEE Ag Data Interoperability Standards Working Group

IEEE has also announced a new standards work group on Enabling a Smart and Equitable Agriculture Ecosystem.

The goals of this group are to understand the current state of ag data interoperability (e.g., through workshops and conferences) and recommend best practices and guidelines for increasing collaboration around ag data collection, security, and management. Within these collaborations, we will propose standards and certificates for data providers and consumers to accelerate innovation.

To achieve these goals, we will start by gathering information from stakeholders to identify current pain points and opportunities as well as examining potential solutions. As we refine our understanding of the current landscape of problems and solutions, we will focus on platform-level interoperability to facilitate data compatibility and flow between key technologies across on-farm, supply chain, and end use.

Proposed deliverables and outcomes from this Industry Connections activity may include documents (e.g., white papers, reports), proposals for standards, conferences and workshops, etc. The deliverables of this activity will be:

  • White paper (framing the problems, current architectures, )
  • Standards and certifications gap analysis
  • Recommendations for best practices and guidelines for on-farm, supply chain, and end-user collaboration
  • Proposals for IEEE standards and/or certifications
  • Workshops/conferences

To learn more about the activity and how to join, please express your interest by filling out the Enabling a Smart and Equitable Agriculture Ecosystem interest form.

FIRA Exhibitors:

The demos at FIRA kept everyone moving from the talks, through the expo to the various demo locations. There was a range of scenarios on show:

  • Weeding on medium density vegetable crops
  • Weeding on high density vegetable crops
  • Multi-use robots for vegetables
  • Robots for vineyards
  • Robots in orchards

Edete Precision Technologies For Agriculture


The 2Be autonomous pollinator provides optimal dosing of pure pollen that also receives an ele…

Aerosystems West

Aerosystems West Drone

AFARA Cotton Picker Robot is a state-of-the-art semi-autonomous robot designed to efficiently …



A new compact electric tractor Your solution for harvesting, towing, mowing, hauling, feeding…

ARA Sprayer



ARA is a high-precision sprayer developed by Ecorobotix, which enables the ultra-targeted appl…



AROW Box is a high-tech component of Ullmanna’s DECIMAL platform designed for precision weed c…

BH Frontier Solutions Inc.

BHF Agrobot

BHF Agrobot is an autonomous agricultural robot that specializes in precision weeding using hi…

BLUEWHITE Pathfinder

Bluewhite’s Pathfinder transforms any brand of existing orchard or vineyard tractor into to …



Introducing Burro, the only fully autonomous robot of its kind that works alongside people to …

Agxactly Crop Insight

Decision Support System

Guss Automation

GUSS, Mini, Herbicide

Insight Up Solutions

Insight Up Solutions Drone


Naïo Technologies


Jo is able to tackle weeds on the row and between rows with a single pass, Jo can also set fur…

K.U.L.T. Kress Landtechnik GmbH


Laudando & Associates LLC


The L&Aser™ is the world’s first purpose-built agriculture laser. It’s unique patent-pending a…

Escarda Technologies GmbH

Laser weeding in Tomato fields

The Morning Star Company and Escarda Technologies have joined forces to create an environmenta…


Carbon Robotics


Carbon RoboticsTM, a leader in AI powered robotics, builds innovative agricultural tools that …

TRIC Robotics


Luna carefully controls dosing of ultraviolet light to control pests and disease on farms

The Mantis Ag Technology Smart Cultivator features machine vision guided side shift which main…

Monarch Tractor

MK-V Tractor

Monarch Tractor is the only 100%, driver-optional, data-driven tractor available on the market…


Muquin’s M200

Niqo Robotics

Niqo RoboSpray™

Niqo RoboSpray™, the flagship product from Niqo Robotics, is an affordable AI-powered spot-spr…

Naïo Technologies


Orio is the brand-new straddle robot in the Naïo Technologies’ range. Designed for row crops and


Naïo Technologies


This robot can be used for many tasks such as seeding and planting, opening furrow, ploughing …



The ROBOTTI is an autonomous, versatile field robot that can be easily integrated into many ev…

Pacific Ag Rentals


The Robovator is an innovative vision-based robotic weeding machine designed to effectively co…

Stout Industrial Technology

Smart Cultivator

No Labor. No Chemicals. No Problems The Stout Smart Cultivator is a software-defined, tractor…

Solix keeps the fields clean, free from invasive plants, and ensures sustainable production fr…


SwarmBot 5

SwarmFarm builds robots for autonomous agriculture. We specialise in Integrated Autonomy to g…

Ted by Naio

Naïo Technologies


Its universal mounting frame offers the possibility to adapt various tools. The robot offers e…

TeleFarmer™ empowers farmers to remotely execute labor-intensive field missions such as weedin…

Tortuga “F” and “G” models for strawberry or table grape

Robotics Plus


A robust autonomous solution that significantly increases efficiency across a variety of crop …

Verdant Robotics

Verdant B1, Verdant B2

Specialty row crop precision spraying.



In light of skyrocketing farm labor costs and shortages, the need for automated alternatives t…


SeedSpider Inc


The WeedSpider is the latest product from the SeedSpider Inc research and development team. T…


The full FIRA-USA exhibitor and partner list is here.